Puppies/Dogs and Pets for sale/free/up for adoption.Louisville, Kentucky~

Welcome to our group intended to help you the breeder find amazing homes for your puppies, you the pet owner find a better home for your beloved pet, and you the purchaser find the perfect new fur baby for your family. Here we consider dogs as family and respect them like they would us~


1) You must price all canines posted. If the pup your posting in rehoming fee free then please state it so. If you are looking to trade your hound then include that in your post

2) GET ALONG!!!!!!!!! The first time someone starts preaching to a member on their post about how bad the dog they posted a picture of looks or how they should not be back yard breeding and promoting the problem of homeless puppies or what have you the comments will be removed and that person will be warned. A second time offense will result in removal and banishment of the group. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but don't bring your drama to our page, keep that shit in private messaging!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Have fun and make new friends. We're all here for the dogs, so everyone at least has a canine common interest. If you purchase a pup stay in contact with the breeder so they can see your new family members progress. If you adopt someone's pet they are no longer able to keep send them updates on their old bestie every now and then.

4) No selling sick or injured animals on this page. If you are asking money for the dog or puppy make sure it is vaccinated. No one wants to pay $300 for a puppy who contracts parvovirus after they are fairly close to it and passes away. Unvaccinated canines at a price will not be tolerated!

5) No rumor spreading. If you purchased a pup from someone who did you wrong DO NOT post it all over our page. Private message an administrator to see if anything can be done to help avoid such occurrences with said perpetrators.

We the group are not liable for any animals bought, sold, traded, given away, or obtained on or off of our page. All the opinions expressed by group members, animals bought and sold, transactions made, deals gone bad, illegally obtained canines are in no way related to the group and, therefor will not be at fault of the group. Members are at their own risk.

Please do not exchange personal information on the group page, it could be potentially dangerous to you and those around you! This is a public group. You wouldn't read off your social security number aloud in a high voice on the streets or buses of Louisville. Same concept folks.

Now get out there and have fun and please everyone get along~ we are all her to find our soul pet or find it another home if it cannot be kept properly~ Thank you~