Love Nation Brussels - Unite • Create • Entertain • Collaborate

• Bring people of all nations together
• Spread positivity, appreciation and raise awareness.
• Give to our members and the local community
• Make a difference and create long-lasting memories through collaborative, meaningful and engaging events.

Each event supports a good cause, local charity organization and hosts a series of local artists, designers and other creators offering opportunity to gain exposure and raise awareness of their activities.
We incorporate fun, creative and stimulating entertainment at our events and are always open for new ideas.

We will make a donation to a good cause based on the number of attendees.

Please show your support for the good cause and join our event 'Love Nation Brussels Party' on Friday, June 19th.

Please visit our website for more information and invite your friends to the group further down on this page.

See you soon.


(Founder and Creator)
[email protected]