Filipina single @ single moms seeking foreigner for husband.

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Welcome to, Filipina singles & single mothers seeking a “FOREIGN” husband!!

This group was created to allow Filipina singles & single mothers to meet, talk/chat with, become good friends with OR maybe fall IN LOVE with FOREIGN men! Good luck in your search to meet your ideal man/woman. Welcome & Enjoy!

If anyone has trouble posting to our group please let an Admin know so we can help you.

Please know that we only have a few simple rules that must be followed;

1. You MUST be at least 18 years old to be a member of this group (No exceptions).
2. You MUST use a REAL profile picture of yourself showing/including your face no more than 6 months old. No avatars or photoshopped pictures allowed.
3. NO pictures of anyone aggressively exposing skin, i.e. bare chest, breast, thighs, buttocks or wearing only underwear i.e. bra, panties, Lingerie, boxers or wearing nothing but underwear.
4. Respect all Admins.
5. You must speak in English only.
6. NO bad words, rude or disrespectful talk, racist remarks or sexual in nature talk in public.
7. NO nude pictures, videos (i.e. PORN) or screenshots.
8. NO posers/fake Facebook accounts
9. No Soliciting
10. Be respectful to one another. Gentlemen (this if for YOU from Admin Larry Wilkins) RESPECT the women of this group ALWAYS!
*If anyone has any issues with anybody that you are unable to resolve yourself, please let Admin Larry Wilkins know.*
11. No men Originating from the Philippines are allowed in the group.
12. No abusing of "HI, Add Me" comments. It shows you are not seriously looking for Love.
13. You must be SINGLE to be a member of this group. No; In a relationship, In a Open Relationship, Engaged or Married people allowed.
*If you are found to have violated any of the before mentioned rules, you will be banned from this group!*
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