Low Cost Spree Clearing

Hi members

Welcome to LCS group , as group name stated , we are a group that allowed selling under $4 which included of p&h (postage & handling)

Simple rules to follow which make a win win situation for everyone =)

1) Prices above $4 will be deleted , no price indicated also will be deleted =)

as many ppl tend to raise price during pm when price not indicated , therefore lets be open on our pricing yeah =)

2) No blessing , this is a selling group =)

there are ppl who bless clothes that cant be wear & claim tat its a blessing
& couldnt be fussy , therefore ppl paid $4 for a pc a rug ? so no blessing allow =)

3) pls state condition & size

it would be easy for both seller & buyer as buyer dont have to keep asking & seller dont have to keep answering , isnt it better ? =)

4) links , advertisements all will be deleted =)

5) self collect will be deleted

there's sellers who trying to earn out from postage , since our group is included postage & handling , i dont see why ppl still have to pay more for p&h again .. unless ur item is fragile , bulky (jeans r not bulky) , if shoppers insist of self collection , pls go pm n nego between urself & dont come find admin complaining of extra postage being collected =)

6) more den 1 pic per person without album will be all deleted , those without albums will be cleared every 1-3 days =) albums will be deleted if more den 2 week nvr bumps at all =)

pls help to keep the group easier for everyone to shop =)

pls read this file if u donno how to create album by hp


(credits to Teresa , our dearest admin ♥ )

to make the group easier to mantain , album users r not allowed to post in wall , pls upload all pics to ur album

1 album per seller , thank you =)


8) only instocks allowed , no ''coming soon''

coming soon is almost same as pre-order so yeah only instocks =)

8) Only allowed to Up or Bump ur album 1 time per day or Up 3 of ur pic 1 time per day =)

u can either bump 3 pic from ur album or 2 pic from album plus the whole album , anything more den that would be deleted as to be fair to other sellers too =)

9) If you are selling the same items with the seller here, pls don't lower the price then the previous seller, to be fair to everyone. all need to clear stocks not only you, post will removed if we spot u, repeated will kick and ban without notice

last but not least , do enjoy ur stay here =) we're all friendly admins *peace & cheers* Thank you ♥

#PS - the group admins r not responsible for lost mails , mia sellers , we do help but pls dont made as if we should be doing it for u all =) so shop with care ~

#PS - To Sellers , pls remember to provide parcel pic before mailing =) Thank you !

To Buyers , pls remember to provide a screenshot if ur doing payments by ATM =) Thank you !

From the admins

Melody Zhuang Huiru
Teresa Love Jensabella's
Daisy Tay
Ylva Ng
Amy Jensbella
Raine Shumei