GoodLife Timmins Group Exercise/Group Cycling Page!

This page is for all members and associates of GoodLife Timmins! With this page you will be informed of any changes that happen with Group Ex and Group Cycling. With this page you will also be kept to date with any events that we have coming up like for ex: release parties, member appreciation day or just special classes that instructors put together :)

We take pride here in at the club, we put a lot of work into our events and we enjoy having people out to share them with. :)

You are the reason as to why we instructors do what we do!!! We put a lot of work and energy into each and every class!!! As we would say in BodyFlow "share the love" Pass the word around and invite your friends to join!!! We appreciate your feedback or even stories... Share the Love Timmins!!!

Thank You to each and everyone of you that take the time to come out and join us.

Lisa Tremblay
Group Exercise Manager
GoodLife Timmins/Waterloo Rd.