Lucas County Gun Trader buy/sell/trade

Welcome to Lucas County Gun Trader! Administrators for the Lucas County Gun Trader are: Jeff Kaiser, Dan Armstrong, Jeremy Gensler, Tony Boucher, and Scott Cousino. This group was started as a way to trade firearms and related items with other firearms enthusiasts and to share in our mutual interests in firearms. You can buy, sell, and trade, but you may not make a living off of this group. Please review our code of conduct before moving on.

1: No disrespect will be tolerated. Bickering, name-calling, gouging, low-balling,etc., is strictly prohibited.

2: Follow all laws that apply to your deals. Any information shared shall not be construed as legal consul. Please use due diligence to protect yourself.

3: Items posted must include: location, description, price/trade options, and any other applicable information.

4: Non-firearms related items must be approved by an admin before being posted. Please include the name of the admin that approves your post.

5: No spamming. This includes leaving your post up more than 48 hours after your item is gone, and "bumping" more than once in 24 hours.

6: Group members should be from this area. If you are outside Lucas County you should be willing to travel here or equally divide mileage.

7: All disputes will be definitively mediated by an admin if not resolved between members. Appeals may be submitted directly to Jeff Kaiser.

8: Minimum age is 18 years old. Members under 21 are NOT legally able to own handguns. Please be prepared to ask for/provide identification.

9: All deals made on the Trader are at-risk for all parties involved, and in no way the responsibility of any other member or administrator of this group.

Any and all illegal activity will be reported to law enforcement with all information about it/you. Violation of these rules is punishable up to and including: reprimand, suspension, expulsion, banning, and being reported to Facebook and/or law enforcement.

The members and Administrators of Lucas County Gun Trader buy/sell/trade, accept no responsibility for the conduct of others and will in no way be held responsible for the same. Any harm, loss, material or personal injury, or similar, is solely the responsibility of the individuals involved. This information is conspicuously posted as a condition of membership in this group.