LuLaRoe Park

Welcome to my LuLaRoe pop-up party page! I am NOT a LuLaRoe cons...ultant--just a fellow LuLaRoe addict looking for her next fix! I manage this group for my LuLaRoe pop-up parties with rotating consultants.

Thanks for joining me for shopping, giveaways and fun!

❤️ Please read the pinned post for EVERY pop-up. It changes with each party and contains important information from the consultant such as how to check out, shipping costs, etc.

❤️ I can't stress this enough--keep track of what you order. Take screenshots, write it down, etc.

❤️ Pay you invoice. Either I or the consultant will post a reminder of all unpaid invoices after the party ends. You have 24 hrs to pay invoices unless arrangements have been made with the consultant.

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