Lupton Sports

Hi, We are your Sports Reps - Jonny Little and Anna Tebbs

Basically this is just a group to tell everyone at Lupton about the Intra Mural Halls Sport.
If you are like me and want to play sport but don't want the commitment of training and playing for a sports club, then this is the best way to do it.

Or reversely if you are a machine of an athlete already playing in national competitions, the Intra Murals sport shouldn't clash the majority of the time and it would be great to have someone who actually knows what they are doing.

We just want as many people as possible taking part, its all FREE and a great chance to work off all the beer and pasta as well as providing new social opportunites.

SIGNING UP:- Sheets will be located in the Mail Room and the Laundry Room, basically because they are the most public places. But also if you are very lazy you can put down on here your sport, name, Uni email and room number and we will sign you up ourselves. DONT MISS OUT!

There are 4 main Leagues that run matches every week:

7-a-side Netball - Fridays 7pm-10pm at the Edge Sports Centre
5-a-side Football - Saturdays 1.30pm-4.30pm at the Edge Sports Centre
7-a-side Football - Sundays 3pm-5pm at Weetwood 3G Pitch

These Leagues dont start for 2 weeks, so there is lots of time to get teams together and sign up. There has already been a considerable degree of interest, but there should be no limit to how many people can play. There is NOT just one team for Lupton, there is as many as possible.

7-a-side mixed Hockey - Sundays 3pm-6pm at Weetwood -Starts this Sunday 17th

These are the main sports we are recruiting for, but as well there are tournaments against the other Halls at the Edge every Tuesday. These change every week and so we will post more details for each tournament probably every Wednesday.
The 1st one is a volleyball tournament on 26th October.

Any further questions just ask either of us (Sports Reps):
Jonny Little
Anna Tebbs
(Probably best to do it on here)

Oh, and SIGN UP!