Qatar for Buy , Sell and Swap Cars

We buy, sell and Swap all kind of car in Qatar by the daily market price with immediately cash offers ..
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Contact : 7 7 2 6 6 2 9 0


1. ALL Advertisers MUST give the Price expected in Qatar Riyals along with a brief description on the original post. Do not post phone numbers, addresses etc. on the post. This should be done privately in a privet message PM. (Any post found not to have the price on it, will be removed)

2.NO Medication or Drink in any form is to be advertised for sale on this group

3. NO Sellers from outside the borders of Qatar are permitted to advertise any items for sale on this group

4. Photographs or Pictures of the advertised item MUST be only of the items for sale, no other items must be in the photograph or picture.
Pictures MUST be of the item advertised for sale and NOT pictures of other items sourced from the internet or elsewhere. Any internet photos will be deleted

5. If one item has multiple pictures then these must be grouped together in an album and not advertised individually. If more than one item is being advertised by the same seller on the same day, individual posts are permitted

6. All potential buyers MUST state "INTERESTED" or “NEXT” to be considered for the sale of an item

7. Private Messages without an “Interested” comment on the post should not be considered as this causes great confusion for the seller and other buyers

8.“Bumping”: DO NOT bump an item more than once every 5 hours. “Bumping” is defined as providing a comment by seller to bring the item to the top of the Page. This includes the last message posted to the potential buyer. Bump means Bring Up My Post