The main criteria of establishing this foundation is to bring awareness widely and particularly the people who are really suffering. It came forward in order to give support socially and economically backward classes with a view to reach all its benefits to a common man and providing them adequate moral support with our young members.

We wish to offer support to the people who are really suffering with different problems our main intention is to promote positive thinking and to increase the moral strength in every individual so that they can overcome their problems in a planning way for that sake we well offer out hand to the people who are in need.

° · » Blood Secuirty « · °

The main intention of our organisation is to help the people who deserves the blood. our organisation have members who will provided the blood immediately. According to the blood group the same blood groups donar will be selected and he will provide the blood during urgent cases, our main aim is to provide full blood security to the urgent and needy people who really deserves the help.

° · » Child Security « · °

Many people are turning in to child labour because of many problems. our foundation's aim is to provide security to the children who are neglected by the society. Now a days many children are roaming in bus stands, railway platforms and in some public places, they are not cared by anyone, they are addicted to drinking and other bad habilts. our main intention is to provide moral support and to offer financial help to them in the form of providing shelter, offering good education turning them into a best citizen of the country. so that even a single child should not be neglected ofcourse government and some charitable institutions are offering help to them to certain extent but it is not sufficient. Man power is the important resource for the development of a country. Hence our main intention is to bring those children who really deserves the help and we will offer our protecction to such type if children in humanitarian grounds. our foundation serves for the developement of each and every one.

° · » Civil Security « · °

This is the main problem which we are facing in our day to day life every one are feeling insecure in leading their lives. Our member will provide some assistance. Now a days no one are caring for any one every one are leading their lives mechanically, we must cultivate the moral values, mannerism, helping nature etc. but now a days we are not seeing these values. Every one are thinking about themselves in this competition world every one want to show their supremacy on others. But it is not good at all. We have to think about others problems. Co-ordinations, friendly relations, positive thinking, should be encouraged our foundation members will conduct the awareness programmes in order to educate the people so that every one can lead their life comfortably if there is any problem we have the fruits for their results can be enjoyed by all.

° · » Farmer Security « · °

Our country is an agricultural oriented, nearly 80% people are depending on agriculture. Farmer is the main important person who is playing a vital role for the development. But now a days every farmer is facing a number of problems directly or indirectly. He is facing problems in securing seeds, fertilizers, electricity, water scarcity etc. no one are coming forward to trust him due lo lack of market facilities. Due to this he is not getting suitable price for his product. Only mediators and commission agents are gaining. So every farmer is facing the problems. Keeping all these hazards in view we wish to give them some assurance and we have to give them some moral support so that the suicide deaths can be eradicated. Our foundation has been activity involved in nation building activities. It has been promoting social welfare through socially oriented investments. These investments by our members from time
to time to benefit the people at large .

° · » Old Age Security « · °

It is one of the biggest problem which we are facing in the society because of lack of moral values and because of poverty old age people are neglected by their children. In some families old age people are not cared by their children selfishness is increasing in every one’s minds. The aged people who will struggle hard in order to bring their children up by facing a number of hazards but some children are not realizing it and they are completely neglecting their parents. Because of lack of stamina they are unable to do any work and they are hesitated by every one in the family. We should not neglect them their blessings are very valuable. So we decided to help the poor and old aged people through our foundation by giving them some moral support and physical support. So that they can lead their life happily without any disappointment and distress.

° · » Handicapped Security « · °

Many people in our country are handicapped. Some people are lame, blind, dumb, and deaf. They are handicapped. Deaf and dumb can do some work. But lame and blind can’t they are facing a number of problems. Some are leading their lives in distress. Many voluntary organizations lent their help these charitable institutions helped them. These organizations donated money as well as dresses and ration to them, even the government also helping them by giving some financial assistance and offering them free education. On the name of handicapped people many charitable institutions are collecting lakhs of rupees. But they are not reaching to the real sufferers. Our foundation main aim is what ever the funds we got and collected we wish to secure for the real people who are actually suffering.


» Donated Rs 15000 /- to victims of flood prone areas through TV9 FLOOD RELIEF in association with the students of LBRCE & KLCE .
° · » 52 lives are saved by blood security.
° · » 108 units of blood is donated without taking a single rupee.
° · » Food distribution for around 1000 members upto now through some camps.
° · » Saved lives of 2 students by joining them in a hostipal, and giving some money through our organisation.

Helped 4 students by giving money during examination times.
° · » Met several old people & child labour on behalf of our organistaion and gave our moral support and gave some money to them.
° · » A Govt. registered (2001) social oraganisation - ESCON GOSPEL MINISTRIES RURAL EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPEMENT (EGMRED) run by President - RAMA DEVI (prinicipal of little flowers public school - kollipara ) is now with us as a part of our organisation.