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Maasinhons speak either the Cebuano or Boholano dialect. Their cultural and linguistic affinities tend to differ them from those who reside in Cebu, Bohol, and the western coast of the province of Leyte. Most of the people are farmers and fishermen who are noted for their hard work and frugality.
Approximately 90% of the people are adherents of the Roman Catholic Church, but traditional folk beliefs and superstition still influence some of them. Some farmers still hold on to pre-Hispanic and conservative beliefs in making offerings and sacrifices before planting season starts. At times, chicken or pigs are ritually sacrificed to ensure that the spirits or the elementals of the land will allow a good harvest.
Maasin City is Southern Leyte's commercial and cultural showcase. An important edifice that brings pride to the Southern Leyteños is the notable Spanish-era church - a relic of time when churches were the only true refuge of the people, both spiritually and physically. The church is adorned or embellished with an ornate altar and beautiful images of saints, and became a testament to the continuing religiosity of the people of Southern Leyte.

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