Machine embroidery and applique

Welcome! Please go to the FILES and read the document with the rules of our group. Please type agree into the comment section. Questions answered by those that do machine embroidery and applique, tips and suggestions for embroidering and places to buy blanks or embroidered/appliqued items. Please refrain from posts about where to find and pictures of licensed designs like Disney, NCAA, NFL, NBA and the likes. We know there are some places to find and legally purchase the designs for personal use but there are so many more that do not have the legal right to do so, and in an effort to safeguard this group and its members, we will delete the posts and then members who do not adhere to this. Our goal of this group is to share knowledge and encourage those to step outside their comfort zone and try things that they haven't tried in regards to sewing and embroidering. For those that sell embroidery and applique designs and offer digitizing services, please do not flood this page with your new items and sales. We appreciate the services and sales as do some other members (not all do) and we support small business but there has to be a line drawn and we are more focused on techniques and teaching and learning. please read the Document in the FILES section about copyrights.