Madera Facebook Garage Sale

Easily buy, sell and trade items without sketchy craigslist! this is not a first come first serve page. It is up to the seller how they want to go about the item. like everyone I do have a life and cannot keep up with everything on here. if you have an issue then message me and I will get back to you ASAP. you will be deleted and banned if any of these rules are broke. happy selling :)
1. absolutely NO selling of WIC items.

2. NO selling of baby food or formula stating that it is not WIC (if you would like to give your WIC items for free that is fine)

3. once your item is sold DELETE the item so you do not clog the feed.

4. NO disrespect or harassment will be tolerated. we are all
adults. handle it like an adult.

5. keep it PG. no guns. no sexually provoking items or naked people.