The MAIN Group (Marketing Afilliate Internet Network)

"The MAIN Group" is about keeping the main thing the main thing! And that is Giving, Sharing, & receiving in that order. Well I hope that order!

But please No AUTO POST we are about value sharing. Thanks! Auto post will be warned If continued then hard feelings! Drive by marketing is not marketing, try to build relations, community!

We all heard or seen the show about "The Biggest Loser" Well how about being "The Biggest Giver" because it's always been better to give than to receive, right?
We are about helping one another, student's of Affiliate & Network Marketing.
So Its OK to share the good, the bad & the ugly. It all about things that help!

Now we say!
To the drifter... get up & do something with your life!
To the pursuer...keep on going!
To the Achiever...Way to set goals!
To the Super Achiever...Way to set goals with great team members!
Together is better than all by yourself!
Be blessed!!

To the Main Group please be aware of the business op that you post on this site. I do not wish any one to be scammed... one of the good places to check a site is gives you the trust factor and information you might want to know before giving you CC information over the internet. Also beware of a group calling and saying the are with Microsoft Windows and they are receiving reports from your computer... scammers.