Why is there no FUN........In the FUNKO groups?

sure why not make another page. you know why we're here. add people. the same people in all those other groups...they need to be here...why? i dont know. but do it anyways. im not going to babysit anybody so be careful with who you deal with and whatever arrangements you make. hopefully we're not new to the do's and don'ts, argue all you like, call names all you like. but remember, you can just block the asshole instead of crying to me about it. if your prices are ridiculous, people feel free to say thats retarded i can get it for $10 on amazon, we'd all appreciate that information ourselves. if they hurt your feelings, and they're funny i'll probably laugh too. just saying. lol feel free to sell any subscription box crap too (cmon we know its crap thats why we want to get rid of it)