Make Money on the Internet

This is an open group for Indonesian facebookers who eager to make money on the internet.

Our aims are:
- Build global network contacts;
- Improve global knowledge and perspectives that a mist adorable sought by global buyers and consumers around the globe;
- Benchmark our products and services where global trends begin;
- Build our confidence to work an a globalized environment;
- Have a competitive edge over others even ourselves;
- Be industry-ready, tech-savvy, knowledge-able, culture-sensitive, creative, smart and more confident.

We help ordinary Indonesian people to make money with their own Internet Home Based Business as well Corporates. For that we give many information to get as many as contacts to group members. So they will be have a strong base of income for many Indonesian families. All profit, of course, goes back into Indonesia and empowering Indonesians to have brighter futures.

Thus we believe internet can make a change and give a chance to many Indonesian to make their life better.

Avian Dewanto