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Welcome to Makeup Social!

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For all members, please read our Community Policies (CP). We take our CP seriously to ensure there is a helpful, encouraging and friendly atmosphere for our members.

Please stay relevant and post about BEAUTY ONLY, to ensure all members receive what they expect when they join a beauty group. This includes: makeup, hair, skincare, nails, cosmetic surgery.

Unless posts are in response to other member’s posts, and are considered helpful and constructive, no spamming will be tolerated. Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:
• Inciting a group war or riot
• Free/Affiliate links
• Business Advertising
Any members who appear to have joined the group solely to promote another site/group/business/personal media will be permanently banned.

If you wish to share your blog or YouTube channel please do this tastefully and with context.

The following is allowed:
1. Post your link in the ‘youtube channel thread’ or ‘blog thread’ under the ‘Files’ Tab
2. Post your link in response to member’s posts/comments
3. Post your link in the general feed ONCE for updates to your blog/channel (no link dumping please)*
*subject to change

Swap arrangements, selling, or any other posts that has the intent of swapping or selling will be not tolerated as this is to avoid any scams that have occurred in the past. Arrangements may be conducted privately outside the group at your own risk.

You may not use terms or any materials referring to ethnic/national origin, ideological/religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a demeaning context. We have no tolerance for discrimination.

Do not post negative posts or attack other members in the group. You may not bait/troll users. Bait/Trolling is defined as posting with a clear intent to provoke anger, incendiary posts, and behavior that results in other users violating the CP. We have no tolerance for discrimination, abuse or trolls.

Do not use profanities under any circumstances. Sexual remarks and slang may be considered profane when used in certain contexts.

You may not evade a ban. You may not publicly complain about or demand a reason for another member’s ban, deletion of a post, or deletion/closure of a post/comment. Any discussion about warnings, bans, post deletion should be done over private email between the person concerned and the moderators.

If you see something that seems inappropriate, please send me a note at [email protected]

Participation in the group constitutes agreement to our policies. If you violate the policies, we reserve the right to terminate your membership without notice.