Make Wordpress Easy

This is a group for students of to exchange ideas on creating and selling websites, to get feedback on new projects, and discuss solutions to their problems.

If you want to learn how to quickly and easily make websites, so you never get held hostage by a web designer... make sure to get the course at -

Welcome to the Make Wordpress Easy group!

This group is intended for questions, show and tell, and information sharing ONLY - anything promotional will be deleted.

If your feedback to another student is non-constructive (e.g. mean), you will be kicked out of this group (and your crappy message deleted!)

Posting of links to blog posts and information sources is appropriate.

Affiliate links, products, services, fan pages, etc, will be deleted.

(If there's something that would truly benefit the group that falls in the later type of promotions, just PM me and I'll review it.)

This is a CLOSED GROUP- that means your content is private and can not be seen... but people can see that you are a member.