Malaysia Gardeners

A group to share ideas, tips & everything about tropical gardening.

We have with us people who garden as hobby, for research and for commercial purposes.

So, if you are a seller of seeds, owner of a nursery, a garden lover, a hi-tech gardener or anything in between or around gardening, then you are most welcome to join us.

You can advertise, share your ideas, ask questions and learn from each other here.


1. Admin(s) reserved the rights to delete any comments/postings if it was found offensive/abusive or causing unease to other members.

2. Admin(s) reserved the right to remove/ban any members without any prejudice/written consent/advance notice.

3. If you think you are being removed by mistake, you may contact admin(s) and state your reason(s) why you think it was a mistake BUT we reserve the right to decide whether you will be added back in the group or not without the need to state any reasons/explanations.

4. Anything not related to gardening will be deleted by admin(s).

Thank you & happy gardening :)