Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group (MVVG)

Welcome to the Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group (MVVG) page! Trolls and spammers please note: all postings are moderated before they are allowed to appear. Don't bother.

For everybody else: MVVG is a resource for vegans and vegans around Manchester (United Kingdom) and surrounding areas, or for those with strong interests in veg*nism in Manchester. It's intended to be a warm and friendly environment where people can express their opinions as well as post notices, and is run on a voluntary basis by its members.

MVVG exists on Facebook, and as a Yahoo email list (, but most of all as an assembly of REAL people who meet socially at least once each month! And you're invited to come along!

We meet socially on the first Saturday of each month to chat at the Eighth Day cafe, on Oxford road in Manchester -- look out for event notifications!