Mandurah Community Healing & Meditation Group

When two or more healers combine love & light and their gifts from spirit, amazing things happen because we trust.we are able to help heal Mind, Body & Soul .
Within the Mandurah area there are many people who are sick, needing relief from stress, anxiety or physical pain .All Healers are welcomed to come for free and share their gifts and the community are welcome to attend - cost is by donation. I believe that all People have the right to a healing, so by combining those who can help and those that need the help we all work as one :)
Now just imagine being in the moment " feeling the love, the support and the beautiful healing energy ♥

Please note RULES for this page : for the benefit for all who use this page , please DO NOT post- any thing for sale, websites, workshops or events. Feel free to post any uplifting inspirational photos/ pictures and of course any feedback on posts regarding the healing group :) thank you for helping to keep this page a place where like-minded people can come and enjoy. Namaste ♥