Manipur Photography Club

About the Club:

Professional, Non-professional and Photography loving peoples are welcome, this group is created to show your individual skills, talents etc…

The Group status is “OPEN” in order to let know everyone know about this Club and get the opportunity to attract new sensible members who loves Photography.

Guidelines -

- Manipur Photography Club is a group for people who are passionate about their photography. This group is not intended to show casual snapshots but should be a platform to show your best work. Questions regarding technique, lighting and image critique are welcome.

- Manipur Photography Club is not a purist group; retouched and composite images are welcome.

- Manipur Photography Club is no longer accepting generic questions such as “where is the cheapest place to buy a lens”; “Should I buy a Canon or a Nikon etc. etc.” Do your homework first; if you’re still stuck then let us know what you’ve tried so we can make suggestions.

- We DO NOT guarantee that all images in this group will be family friendly. However, no Nudes, no violent images, no images with religious or political messages or overtones, and definitely no porn.

- Your daily limit for posting images is three a day (within any 24 hour period), UNLESS the extra images are posted as comments to help another member understand or learn. Any abuse of this will lead to instant removal. We do not encourage creating ALBUMS, please coordinate with the admins if there is a need to create an album.

- General editing comments and suggestions are okay. But no personal conversation in between. For that use your Inbox.

- No ads to buy or sell ANY goods or services, no job ads. DO NOT ask for likes or votes. For posting information of Photography competitions or related with photography please co-ordinate with the admins. Failure of which will be removed immediately, without warning.

- No Downloaded pics please. Only share work you own the copyright to. Failure of which you will be removed immediately, without warning.

- DO NOT edit other people's images without asking permission first in the thread. If we don't see permission the edit will be deleted and you will be removed without warning.

- All posts containing political, religious and moral views will be deleted.

- No blatant self-promotion, please don't post links to your blogs without checking with admin first.

- Please give a Caption /Heading whenever any photo is uploaded.

- "Models Age Restriction" i.e 18yrs and above... as Minors are more vulnerable to Criticism and Exploitation .

- Please do not post Unwanted links/Spam mail chains on the Group wall.

- Please do not change the Group Profile picture.
Only Admins has the right to change the group profile picture.

- If you have any problems in this group, please see one of your friendly moderators:

These guidelines are NOT up for discussion or debate. Cheers. Happy Clicking and Postings!