அஜீத்-தன்னடக்கம் தன்னம்பிக்கை தனிவழி !!!

AJITH- A Man with Great will power !!!

I See Myself Whenever I Saw Him
- Mohan Lal.
If You Ask Me To Choose a Tamil Actor To Remake My Scripts, Only He Can Do
- Aamir Khan.
His Backbone Is Operated 13 Times, But Its Never Bend Before Anyone
- Vairamuthu
His dance is crazy.BUT I'M CRAZY about him
-Shruti hassan.
If u r not his fan u r lack in Maturity
-Venkat Prabu
No Break Dance, No Six Pack Juz His Casual Walk Made Billa Blockbuster
- The Hindu.
Dont Ask Me a Single Reason for Being His Fan.. der r So Many
- Simbu.
Two Men In India Never Lost Their Single Fan Even They Fail To Succeed.. Dey r Ganguly&Ajith
- Kris Srikanth..
Proud to be a thala fan..!!!