Things for sale in a Mans World NE Okla.



1.If you post something on here put some kind of Realistic Cash value on it and a Picture of the Item..This isn't an auction site.."Make an offer doesn't do it".

2.***ALL posts must have a picture of the item to be sold (no stock photos allowed) descriptions/prices/sizes and descriptive PU location,.Put some kind of Realistic Cash value on your item and a Picture(no stock photos), and a description of the item,with a location and p/u location and all will be good.

3.Trades need price.(This means that even if you only want to trade and not sell. You still have to put a reasonable price of what it is worth in trade value. You can add, Trade Only and the trade value. that way someone isn't saying "hey i will trade your corvette for my Honda 750"....yes, it has happened...)

4.***HOWEVER, Price Gouging Will Not Be Tolerated..If you post an item for an outrageous amount it will be Deleted..If you repost the item YOU will be deleted as a member..

5.Posts can be BUMPED EVERY 8hrs..If you happen to bump earlier there will be a warning..Second time will consist of a deleted post..Third time your out for good..Just too many folks to try to please everyone..

6.If you notice that your item is gone just stop and think if you put a Realistic Cash price on it and a Picture of the item when you posted it..If not..That is the reason it is gone,

7.When your item sells if you will put SOLD in your posts comments..Then I will be happy to delete it for you.

8.Here is the Group Description..Hope it helps..No womens clothes, shoes, purses,rings, etc. unless it is Outdoor and or Mans World related. No pawn shops or car lots.

9.Members can add folks that are on their Friends lists (Has to be done from a computer, not a phone...most phones won't allow it).

**Please keep in mind we are all adults the first person to comment should get first dibs BUT YOU have the right to sell to who YOU wish if you decide to sell to someone other than first person in line, just want to warn you PREPARE FOR DRAMA!! However, if a seller commits to sell to you and tells you to come pickup the item and they sell it before you get there just take a screen shot of the conversation(agreement) and I will check it out and if it is true I will ban the seller.If you got there in the time frame you committed to that is.

ALL Weapons, Firearms,Ammo,and Tattoo equipment that are sold and bought on this page MUST Be done in accordance with the Rules,Regulations,and Laws of Oklahoma.

Seller and Buyer assume ALL Liability for these types of transactions. Admins of this site CANNOT and WILL NOT assume any type of liability for said transactions.

If you have any questions about anything the people to ask are Scott Thornton, Franklin Andy Jones or George Tank Ward.