Magic Mastermind


Magic Mastermind is a private forum ...for our coaching clients.

We provide exclusive content, strategies, solutions and training here - before we take it live elsewhere.

Please use the opportunity of membership to further your own ambitions - and to help others to do the same.

Simple rules apply, please read these and follow them:

1. Please discuss your plans and your progress - doing so helps others do this too.

2. Please connect with people and make friends in this space - your network will help you build your business.

3. Please feel free to ask questions and share with others the knowledge you've gained

4. Please - No Negativity. Respect others here whatever their levels of experience or skill.

5. Absolutely no Spamming, or posting affiliate links.


Week 1 - 23rd June 7pm EST
Week 2 - 30th June 7pm EST
Week 3 - 7th July 7pm EST
Week 4 - 14th July 7pm EST

(Please check your email for the one-click sign up link to join us live)