Welcome to Julia Ramirez's group,
People Looking to Network and Work Home Business Opportunities.
Looking for an opportunity in network marketing, Well here is the place to exchange experiences and opportunities.

‘The Hand Of The Diligent Will Rule…….
But The Hand Of The Slothful Will Be Put To Forced Labor’
- Proverbs 12:24

We offer powerful training, that will see your life take a drastic change in direction for the better, and you will be able to lead by example, and market & promote the way we are supposed to, & need to if we want to Lead By Example & have people come to us in search of the Leadership & Direction to enable us to pass on the good value and build an top leading team under us too.
I look forward to hearing from you either here in the comments, or via email in my inbox.

So here’s to marketing and networking together, getting to know each other, and to learning new things from the mistakes we have made and continue to grow and increase our value, becoming a Top Leader in our field.

In the files section to see the doc for newbies to our group.

Julia aka Julez

P.S. I am working with Pinoy Recruiters as a Director and I am looking for Leaders which make $12,500.00 WE Tracy Davison and alot of Teams are looking to help end world hunger and poverty!!
Please come join us!! We are helping Churches and Missionaries and the homeless and we are getting people sponsored into the program if they do not have the $7 to join. So please join this HUGE MOVMENT!!