Rescued dogs and cats of Marshall and DeKalb Co needing forever homes.

This group is set up for dogs and cats that have gone into rescue or foster from the Marshall and DeKalb counties of Northeast Alabama's Animal Control programs. Often times when lives are saved everyone moves onto the next pet that needs saving and these pets are forgotten.

Any Rescue in AL or out of state that has rescued a pet from one of our local shelters is welcome to share them for adoption on this group.

Rules do apply.

NO SELLING OF PETS OF ANY KIND from breeders, puppy mills, pet stores or anyone that is allowing their unaltered pets to allow their pets to have litter after litter. Pets die every single day in shelters across the nation by the 1000,s. We will not advocate for any of these people. PERIOD!

Any pets listed on this site must be spay/neutered, have had rabies shots, and vaccine and given a good clean bill of health.

All information about the pets health, temperament, and social level must be included in the post.

Home visits and vet references must be done for all pets prior to adoptions. We do not want these pets to end up in the same situation they came from or worse even!

It is the rescue or fosters responsibility to include all contact information such as contacts name, email and or phone numbers so that any interested parties may reach you.

If you are giving away pets for free, the same rules apply as listed above, but we do not encourage GIVING pets away for free. This has proven to be very dangerous because dog fighters and class B sellers troll for free pets. A class B dealer is someone that sells pets for laboratory experiments and they make a great deal of profit doing this and the animals suffer significantly. Dog have also been known to fall into the hands of people that torture, mame and kill the animal out of some sick, demented enjoyment of watching them suffer. Its a power thing for these types of people and they are very very real!

Lets keep it clean, civil, free of drama,or criticisms. If you have a problem with a poster on this group, or you know of any unethical behaviors from anyone, please contact us in a private message and we will investigate as needed.

If your pet becomes unavailable , please remove the post or comment, adopted, diseased, transferred to another rescue, foster failure or what ever the case may be. Freedom pictures are welcomed.


This is about saving lives and finding forever homes for the lost, abandoned and unwanted pets of Northeast AL.