Mars Settlement Research Organisation

MSRO is dedicated to conducting research and developing solutions that lead us to human settlement of Mars. It doesn't compete with other Mars group but supports them all. Everyone is welcome to participate.

MSRO is not affiliated with any one nation, but exists online and serves all people. We are interested in open, collaborative solutions that benefit and engage humanity as a whole.

MSRO is focused specifically on establishing a permanent human presence on Mars, whether by private or public means, or both. This includes investigation into all aspects of settlement, including transportation, communications and IT, health and psychology, ISRU, spacesuits, environment control and life support systems, energy and food systems, etc.

It is not the intention to simply generate yet more noise in the community. MSRO's focus is on research, and people are encouraged to contribute in line with their interests and areas of expertise. Feel free to ask questions or generate discussions. Write blog posts, articles and papers. Think about the problems we need to solve to settle Mars, and if you don't know what these are, ask! The outcome will be an evolving plan for settlement of Mars.

1. Posts should provide either information or inspiration. They should be about settlement of Mars; for example, applicable new technology, ideas you are working on, etc.
2. This is not a group to simply drop links, unless they relate to human settlement of Mars.
3. If you want to share Mars science news, please use the Mars Society group.
4. Posts about conferences that are relevant to the group are welcome.
5. Do not make claims about things you've invented or designed that are not within the realm of current mainstream scientific understanding, unless you are capable of backing up these claims in a professional way, i.e. with papers, calculations and diagrams. We do not wish to stifle genius, but we've heard it all. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
6. Do not post selfies.
7. Do not post anything about "Mars anomalies", UFOs, NASA cover-ups, or strange things you thought you saw in a picture of Mars. Look up "pareidolia".
8. Do not post ads.
9. Show respect to other members AT ALL TIMES. None of us is a big shot and everyone can learn from others. Getting to Mars requires international cooperation and diplomacy. So, be nice.
10. Make new members feel welcome and give them a chance to learn how the group operates.
11. Please use English.

We are strict on rules. That's what makes our group good. So don't be surprised if you break the rules and your post gets deleted, or you get warned or bounced.

We are at the leading edge of human thought, expanding humanity into the cosmos. No matter what your area of expertise, your participation is greatly valued and appreciated. Mars needs all types.