Dharma Consciousness

Enlightenment is for Oneself, Dharma for everyone; embracing both, Humanity will be able to achieve, the unachievable MASS ENLIGHTENMENT

The message of Peace and Love is simple...yet Powerful !

Welcome Humanity and fellow Earthlings !

The World needs to Feel more love.....Don't you think? Realize the self; understand that we are not separate from each other. Embrace "Universal Oneness" through "Peace and Love"

We always judge others more than we judge ourselves.The real help towards a practitioner is to observe his own habits, mistakes and fault ~ Gyalwang Karmapa

Dharma is a Sanskrit expression of the widest import. There is no corresponding word in any other language to comprehend the meaning properly. It would also be futile to attempt to give any definition of the word. It can only be explained. It has a wide variety of meanings. A few of them would enable us to understand the range of that expression. Hence, Dharma can be briefly said as "that which contains or upholds the Cosmos. Hence, it's beyond religious, agnostic and atheist beliefs.

On the other hand, Cetana means a mental activity that propels the mind forward. It has the function of making the mind settle on what is positive, negative, or indeterminate. It can be roughly translated as directionality, volition or attraction.

Thus, Dharma Cetana can be understood as Consciousness on Dharma

Peace-Love...Harmony-Unity and Wisdom. Remember It's not about superiority but rather relativity.

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