Mat-Su Valley News

A group for news of local interest, Alaskan photos and other items about the Mat-Su Valley.
The focus of this group is newsworthy posts. Please limit links from other Alaska news sites such as the Frontiersman, Anch Daily News and KTUU, etc. Post original news only, to supplement the other news sites available.

Our rules are quite simple, really:
1: You must join using your true name, not a nickname. Be accountable for your posts and behavior in the group.
2: Members who block administrators are not allowed, as that impedes the ability to do their job. (Yes - they can still see you, and can tell if you've blocked them)
3: Always be polite and respectful. While we value a full range of opinions and mature debates; name calling, insults, foul language or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
4: Do not buy or sell anything in the group. Sharing occasional photos or events linked to local businesses are fine as long as you are not marketing your business or product in the group feed.
5: Rumors, gossip and speculative posts or comments will be removed. If you don't have proof don't post it - and if it's personal, it's not news.
6: Think before you post photos, about how you would feel if it were a photo of YOU, and your family saw it in this group. Use discretion and tact.
7: Do not post private information about yourself or anyone else. Personal phone numbers, addresses, etc. will be deleted immediately for security reasons.
8: If you have an issue with an administrator, use private messaging to address it. Complaints about rules or enforcement in the group will be deleted. If reposted this will result in banishment, but we are perfectly willing to listen to mature, logical reason in a private conversation.