Official Mayflower Halls 2015/16

Welcome to the official group for the 2015/16 Mayflower resident...s.

This group is here for you all to get to know each other and to keep in touch with the events that we are running for you.

This group is looked after by your Halls Committee. We are all current residents of Mayflower Halls and got involved through the Halls Elections at the beginning of November! We are responsible for a number of things throughout the year, including running campaigns, organising events, looking after your wellbeing, helping to run your sports teams and generally making sure that you have the best possible first year in Southampton!

Please feel free to add and get in touch with your Halls Committee for any queries or anything else.

Your committee members are:

Gus Taylor- President
Arun Chagar- Secretary
Dan Pryor- Sports Officer
Samantha Cassar- Events & Activities Officer
Dean Berjawi- Welfare & Campaigns Officer

Finally, here are a few things to do ASAP:

1) Like our Facebook Page for all Official Mayflower announcements:

2) Add 'mayflowerjcr' on Snapchat and Instagram

If you have any questions/concerns, leave a comment on the groups, and we will answer it for you!

Mayflower Love xo