Meditation Techniques - Self Realization

This is a group dedicated especially to spirituality and meditation, to different specific esoteric techniques and methods such as: Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Hesychasm, Kabbalah, Alchemy etc.

We also aim to promote the intrinsic unity of all spiritual paths and religions, different traditions and authentic initiatic lines; the understanding of the fact that all paths lead to the same Unique Truth, Supreme Self and Highest Consciousness.

Please, when posting, only reffer to the fields above mentioned.

You're welcome to start discussions on various topics of spirituality ...:)

Este un grup dedicat spiritualitatii si in special meditatiei si diverselor tehnici si metode ezoterice specifice: Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga, Zen, Budism, Sufism, Isihasm, Kabala, Alchimie etc.

Ne propunem sa promovam totodata Unitatea intrinseca a tuturor cailor spirituale si a religiilor, a diverselor traditii si linii initiatice autentice; intelegerea faptului ca toate Caile duc la Acelasi Unic Adevar, Sinele Suprem, Realitatea Ultima.

Se poate posta asadar doar conex cu acest domeniu.

Va astept cu drag sa porniti dezbaterile pe diverse teme de spiritualitate...:)