Melbourne Singles

This is a group for Single people all over Melbourne that are 18+.

Feel free to interact , make friends, have a good laugh and enjoy the stories brought along by members.
Bring your single friends along

NO blocking admin.
NO racism.
NO bullying.
NO threats.
NO porn.

Funny photos/videos can be posted as well in decent manner.
Avoid starting drama or start creating trouble as you will be removed from the group after getting an warning.
There is no second chance !

And biggest rule of all

NO REPORTING if you see something you don't like be mature about it and politely inbox the poster or an admin other options are keep scrolling or leave.. Don't spoil it for the rest of us..

If you would like to talk with someone, do it nicely, approach the person in nice manner , don`t harass the person. If you don`t get an answer, move on .
If you have any threats / harassment block the person.
If moves to the next level of stalking /fake accounts contacting you / threatening / abusive / block them and pass screenshots to our group email address : [email protected]

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