Writers' Group

This group is for writers and those interested in the craft of writing, to mingle, meet, inform, learn and cooperate (https://www.facebook.com/groups/memberswritersgroup). Writers of all skill levels and experience are encouraged to help each other through problem spots in their writing, bounce ideas off other members, and talk about the latest news affecting the industry/craft; exchange leads to discovery. Readers and fans are also welcome to participate. Anyone may submit passages of written work for group critiques. Surveys, both by post and software application, as well as thought experiments are also welcome. No writing content is prohibited, unless it's unrelated to writing; no group rules except the Golden Rule. Some important points to consider:
1. If it appears I've been adding other people but not you, since you made your request to join this group, please PM an admin as there is a reason for that.
2. If something someone posts here is offensive to you, perhaps the best response is to simply block them so their material no longer shows up on your Writers' Group wall. Responding to them on their posts only highlights their material by bumping it up to the top of the feed.
3. Also, somewhat redundantly, any time you comment on a post which you find not to your liking, you "feed the troll." In other words you give him/her attention and bump the post to the top of the fee. Don't feed the trolls please. Just block them.
4. This is a group about writing, writers and the writing/publishing industry. If you're tempted to distract from that purpose by posting content that has a tenuous connection to any of those goals, don't be surprised if it, whatever you posted, and likely you, will be removed and banned from this group.
5. FYI, members tend to block other members who consistently post content that becomes repetitive. So, if you want to be heard/seen in the future, don't get blocked by continually posting similar material. Optimally, around twice a month is as often as the same content should appear on the feed.
6. The earliest of dual posts, posts that are repeated immediately, will be deleted as soon as it's discovered.
7. It's a tough audience here. Deal with it.
8. Lastly, if you're an avid reader and have lots of books which you would normally discard in the trash or fire, or you're an author with lots of extra copies of your book left lying about and would like to get them into circulation, consider donating those books to a Title 1 school. Message admin Brad Combs for contact information for his school.
Please keep in mind that some members of the group may be minors so dress words, thoughts and content accordingly. You alone are held responsible for what you self publish here. Copyright infractions of any kind or plagiarism may be grounds for removal from group. Also, see our Writers' Group Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/memberswritersgroup for the more nuts and bolts of writing and the publishing industry. Enjoy!