Merimbula / Pambula - Buy, Sell, Trade

This is a Group to Buy and Sell - stick to the rules.
Please limit your posts to items wanted, items for sales, services, or local business offers.
Avoid personal comments or non buy and sell related posts.

Fastest ways to get Banned:

Use the Group to promote your own Facebook group or ask people to Like your page
Use the F word in any way or form
Complain about Facebook, this group, the rules
pump your item more than one daily

Please keep in mind any personal attack goes against Facebook terms and conditions.
Therefor by break Facebook terms and conditions you are in violation of Facebook Groups terms.
For more info:

Reminder to sellers - please remove your items once sold, only upload items once - no need for duplicates - and only bump once per day. Posts older than 2 months will be removed regardless of sale.
Any item with for sale with more than 10 bumps will be deleted.

Tip for sellers: If you have multiple items or multiple pictures of the same item, it is best to put them in an album, with your name as the title. This way you can easily find your items and they are all in one place. It also makes it easier to delete sold items. To do this click on photos at top of page, then upload photos. In the left hand corner you will see a date, this is the title of the album. You can change this title by clicking on it. You can then bump the whole album or individual photos by commenting on them. The album only counts as one photo in the photos count and the whole album can be deleted with one click - much easier than deleting every individual photo. This will help keep the site working faster.

There are 2 ways to delete your items:
1. move your mouse over the upper right hand side of the post, there is a drop down arrow that will give you the option to delete.
2. You can also go into photos (from the top of this page), when you bring up individual photos there is an option to delete on the bottom right hand side