You REALLY know you're from Metairie if...

OK....we've heard a lOT about Kenner, Westbank, etc the past few days, but we need ya'll to REPRESENT METARIE!! YES, their IS another Metairie, but it only has about 30 or so members, so I need yall to pass this alone to your friends, and let me know if you want to invite people, I'll make you an administrator!!
~Do you remember when there was NO W.Napolean Ave?
~When East Jeff had only boy students, King, girls, etc...

Bring it on people and pass it it for ....MET-TREE!!

Upload your pictures; share your stories, and connect with others who remember growing up in Metairie.
We want everyone to enjoy themselves while they are here.

But this page does come with a few minor but strict guidelines.
1) We do not accept spam in any shape or form. This includes links to sites selling any kind of item. Especially shoes.
2) We do not allow the sale of personal items. This is not ebay or craig's list.
3) We do not allow personal promotion for any purpose. Especially for profit.
3) We do not allow posts that are considered harassment, discriminatory, undue complaining, language considered rude or
anything that causes stress to the enjoyment of the group. Be considerate or you will be removed.

It will be at the discretion of any of the administrators if any of these rules are broken. Penalties can range from a simple
warning and deletion of the post, to deleting the post and banning the member permanently from the page. Please think
before you post.
Thanks and enjoy !