ME Tribe - Monetization Talk

Do you want to geek out over ways to grow your business faster? Do you want to find out how to generate more revenue in your business? How about adding passive and recurring revenue streams? Let's talk about it!

Hi! My name is Sharon Hayes and I'm known by many as being a rainmaker or monetization expert when it comes to business. This is my little home where I'll share some of my best strategies and tactics with you - all for free.

Here are the rules:

1. Please DO introduce yourself but don't make it a sales pitch. Say briefly who you are, where you are from, what business you are in and what you're hoping to gain by participating in ME Tribe.

2. Don't self-promote or use affiliate links.

3. Please look at other posts in the group to make sure what you want to share hasn't already been shared.

4. Please stay on topic with the group.

5. When in doubt, send your post to me for approval before you post it.

I decide what Spam is. Spammers will get banned.

I encourage you to invite your friends but please do NOT use the Facebook "Add Member" (which adds people automatically without their permission.) Instead, tell them to join at (which will redirect them here).

Note: I don't automatically approve all applicants. If your timeline is not visible or is full of garbage, I will not approve you. If your timeline is private and you want to join, please PM me directly letting me know you want to join.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Launched April 2, 2014