Pakistani Americans and Pakistani Expats living in the greatest country ever. The vision of our founding fathers about justice, equality, merit and rule of law are the core tenets of the charter of this group. Anyone can join with a willingness to be part of this beautiful mosaic.

This group is a platform for intellectually motivated individuals who wish to use rational thinking in all affairs of our society e.g. political, legal, religious, economic or social issues.

To establish a platform for a socially active community of Pakistani and American-born Pakistani residents in coordination with the local community.

To initiate and support the efforts to unite the Pakistani American community.

To promote peace, respect diversity, tolerance of all other cultures, religions, races and people.

To create a greater awareness, understanding and pride of their heritage amongst the American-born Pakistani children.

Act as a bridge between Pakistan and USA, to support the great interdependency and friendship that both countries enjoy on the world stage.

WARNING/FIRST DISCLAIMER: Please be informed. By adding yourself to this group by any means you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and code of conduct. You will also be considered part of PAG group as a member and will be termed as a legal part of the group in case. The terms and conditions/code of conduct can be read over here:

This is a heterogeneous group comprising members of different viewpoints. Comments or material posted represent views of individual members and in no way reflect the views of the group as a whole. The group therefore accepts no liability for individuals' views. All members are requested to show necessary discretion in their choice of words so that good debate nourishes without causing unwarranted offence.