Michigan Democratic Progressives

Michigan Democratic Progressives isn't about the party known as the Democratic Party. Rather it's about people with progressive values who believe in the democratic process. Here are some of our values....

(Not in any particular order of importance.)
*. Access to healthcare for all. It's a right.
*. A woman's right to choose. Safe, rare, legal.
*. Racial diversity and equality.
*. Marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation.
*. Health benefits for both heterosexual couples and same sex.
*. Standing up for the Michigan worker.
*. A meaningful public education for all.
*. Pay equity.
*. Protecting our environment.
*. Alternative renewable energy.
*. Helping those who need a hand.
*. Protecting pensions and retirements for hard working Michigan retirees.
*. Political system not unduly influenced by special interest groups and corporations.
*. Corporate accountability - (workplace safety, living wage, job security).

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