Middle TN Vapers

A place to discuss all things vaping with other local middle Tennessee folks.

Advertising policies:

LOCAL vendors may post sales/promotions to the group and can feel free to post about new products as long as it doesn't get too crazy or spammy. If anything starts to get out of hand, one of the admins will warn you. The rule of thumb is once per week on ads (maybe twice per week)...anything more might be considered over doing it unless you have advertising rights from donations or special permissions from admin.

Members may feel free to post about any specials or products they find and think the group would be interested in hearing about. If it becomes obvious that an account is just being used to spam for a vendor, it will be removed from the group.
Please refrain from selling and trading personal vape equipment. ..Use the link at the bottom to go to the Trading Post!

Non-local vendors may not post any advertisements without permission from an admin.

Sponsoring non-local vendor exception - A donation to the group to be used in a meet giveaway will exempt the vendor from the non-local restriction and allow them to post new product announcements/special/sales information, not to exceed 3 posts per week, from the time of the donation to the date of the meet following the one they donated for. Contact an admin for information.

If any post is deemed to be inappropriate it will be deleted without notice, and the posting member may be removed from the group at admin discretion.

Other groups: May post upcoming events and happenings for your group (once per week).

No soliciting members or vendors for any reasons or you will be banned from this group.

Here is a link for all things Sum Ohm and Advanced Vaping:

And here is a link to where to go to buy/sell/trade mods and vape gear: