Mighty Moms (2016)- Victoria, BC Moms with babes born in 2016

This group was started in June 2015. It's for moms in Victoria w...ith babes born in 2016.

More articles and discussion: https://victoria.mommble.com/

Please contact admin with your city and year for approval.

Links to more local mom FB groups across Canada (2010-2017): https://victoria.mommble.com/findyourvillage

To get a feel for the vibe here: "No More Mommy Wars!" photo shoot over 30 of the Moxie Moms (Victoria, BC 2012) took part in: https://victoria.mommble.com/story/21-photos-of-moms-who-are-all-done-with-the-e0ca6b157b

This is a SAFE place to share your ideas and questions- some of us vaccinate, some don't, some of us co-sleep, some don't, some of us work outside of the home, some are SAHMs... for all our differences 100% of us want the very best for our babes. This is a Judge-Free Zone.

Please see pinned post for all rules and regs for this group.

By posting, commenting and sharing here you acknowledge that you have read and choose to abide by our pretty darn reasonable rules!

If you know moms please add them/share this link: https://victoria.mommble.com/findyourvillage

Thank you!

Keep up the great work moms!
~ Shauna Stewart Douglas