Migraine - Migraineurs We Count! Six Degrees of Separation.

This is a six degrees of separation experiment for people suffering migraines to see how many can be located. Nearly 36 million Americans reportedly suffer migraines and many more worldwide, yet the largest patient advocacy group has only 14,000 registered patient members. Join this group to be counted! The NIH is dedicating roughly $13 million a year (less than 0.05% of its annual budget) to headache research when according to the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, based on relative disease burden, it should be dedicating at least $103 million annually. This is appalling.

Stand up and be counted! It is time to move migraine research forward!

To take part, and have this group grow quickly, THE FIRST 4 STEPS ARE ESSENTIAL:

1. Join this group.

2. Click on "Invite People to Join" from the menu on the right.

3. Select all your friends that are migraine sufferers or know migraine sufferers. (Yes, this is probably all of your friends.) For this experiment to work, you need to do this. Please also invite appropriate people who are not on Facebook via Email.

4. Click on "Send invitation."

The more you participate in our group, the more helpful and interesting it will become. Let's see just how many people we can connect!

8/1/09 500 members
8/19/09 1,000 members
9/10/09 1,200 members
10/29/09 1,300 members