This group is for people who are in the Network Marketing Industry. This will be a great place to come together and talk about our challenges, stories, victories, and most of all to add value.

This industry can really show you a lot about your character, and who are as a person and if you’re a leader. I hope we all benefit from the fruitful conversations, and the wonderful friendships we create along the way.

I would like to establish some ground rules up front for this group. I know we are all in Business to make money and do well for our families.

But there are some important things I think we need to do for each other, so that way everybody has a good experience in this group.

1.We will not pitch our businesses on this site. If you make a relationship with somebody, and they like what you do; talk in private with them. If we catch anybody spamming there business, they will be terminated if they continue you to do that after the first warning.

2.No spamming to people in there in box of any kind. I think the thing people hate the most is spam, and if your caught doing it; we will terminate you.

3.No foul language of any kind. Like my friend says to his son; use your words. Plus that type of language is not becoming of professionals.

I think these are simple enough and I trust that we shouldn’t have much problem with this anyway. But I did want to set a tone for what we are doing.

Now I know we focused on the negative things first, but I also want to tell some things I hope we can do as a group.

1.If you have a testimony or a story on how great you’re business is working in your life, and how it’s blessing to you and your family; please share it. There is nothing better than seeing that this is working in other peoples life.

2. We will qualify people who offer pure value from their blog, so it’s okay if your Blog pitches your business or other things. But we don’t pitch here in the group.

3.If you request on what you need help with maybe somebody in the group could tell what has helped them overcome. Lets help each other succeed in the industry as a whole.

4.Also if you have a lead of a person who is looking for a certain industry, and they didn’t join with you. Let that person know about it who is in that specific industry. I think this could be a good way to work for each other too.

Again I want to thank you in advance for joining with us, and I look forward to meeting you, and learning more about each and every one of you.

Joseph McDermott