Miles City Virtual Marketplace


Miles City Virtual Marketplace is the new way to buy, sell, or trade new and used items throughout Custer County, and even Montana. Post photos and descriptions of the items you want to advertise in hopes of finding that perfect buyer or seller!! Looking to buy something you can't find in town? Post a Want Ad! Looking for work? Make a Post!

As of May 2012, you will need to be approved by an administrator in order to join. Just request an invite and we will be glad to add you.

Please understand that we have guidelines in order to assure that we aren't stepping on each other's toes:

1) When your item is sold, delete your post. We like to exercise responsibility here.
2) Photos: If you are posting an album, please manage your album by deleting photos of sold items. Albums will be deleted if not updated within 6 weeks.
3) Limit bumps to three items every 24 hours.
5) DO NOT start fights.
6) Be awesome.
7) If you intend to market your Direct Sales Business (or any business), post ONLY a link to your business page, and these posts must be limited to once per day. When we say ONLY a link, that means no descriptions, large photos, or advertising scripts. Links ONLY. Note: If you have an event coming up (workshop, booth, etc) feel free to create an event under the "Events" tab. (As of November 2013, if you do not adhere to this requirement, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the group).
8) This is not a discussion forum so please limit your posts to selling and buying ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to ban members for any reason. We are not tyrants, and try very hard to avoid doing so. Please, please follow the guidelines!

MCVM is intended to be a community resource and is not a place to vent, whine, complain, or wreak havoc. If you have an issue, please contact an administrator.

As usual, please use your manners when conducting virtual commerce.

If you need to find an admin, go to the "About" tab, click on the scroll down that says "All Members," and select "Admins." There are two of us, so send one of us a message with your concerns.

Happy Bidding :)