Miltown Malbay Health, Wellbeing, & Vitality Events

This is a community page/newsletter which welcomes posts from any member who wishes to promote any positive, fun, healthy and vitality activities. Holistic ie. Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health and Wellbeing activities, such as events, seminars, meetings, conferences, workshops, classes, fundraising, music, sports, community life and social and interest groups (eg.bookclubs, girlguides, bridge club) whether free or fee paying. People may also post if they want to start a group/society and/or are looking for a group/club or activity to join.

Any unrelated posts will be contacted to be deleted.

In order for all members to see an attachment, you must post it to public not just your friends or any custom sub-group.

Please be careful when adding members to this group, and only add people that are connected to you, the local area, or the purpose of this group.

This group is for activities and events not to promote products.

If you want to advertise relevant products to the local area they should be posted in the "West Clare for sale, swap, or wanted." group.