Minox Vintage Photography

A facebook group dedicated to the community of people using Vintage Minox Cameras. Share information and discuss your vintage Minox cameras, tips and tricks for developing film or how to take the perfect photo. Although the emphasis is on the 8x11 range of miniature "spy" cameras, all Minox camera users are welcome!

To have a more productive and pleasant discussion and activity in Our Group please try to follow the Rules writtten below :

1 ) Language of our Group is ENGLISH. Please try to post whatever you want to say in English so that more people can follow.

2) If you are going to post a group of photos, post them as a folder in YOUR profile and share its link here. Do not post more than three photos back to back in the Group.

3) Try to post only information and photos related with the subject matter of this group. Please do not create "off topic" posts.

4) Do not advertise any product or any other Group which does not have any relationship with the subject matter of this group.

Any posts which is not in accordance with these Rules may be deleted from the Group. Thank you all for your understanding and your cooperation.