Help Get a Demon Out of Mishka's Stomach Fund Raiser!

Grrrrrrrr, what's that rumbling sound coming from Mishka's stomach?

It's the demonic fetus that has been growing in her uterus for nearly a year!

It is about ready to burst through her (expletive deleted) any minute!

In order to perform a c section we need to raise funds and quick!

Please donate any amount you can, even if it's a dollar it'll be greatly appreciated (but not rewarded)

20 dollars gets you a DVD copy of the procedure, and a credit as executive producer... for some reason this horrible operation will have credit sequences...

50 dollars gets you a DVD copy, with added bonus footage, a credit as PRODUCER of the procedure, and a piece of the umbilical cord!

100 dollars gets you a DVD copy, with added bonus footage, a headlining credit as PRODUCER, and a chance to actually be present during the procedure!!!! Food and drink will be available.

All donations will receive a personal hug from me, even if it's through email or telephone.


In case anybody was wondering what this was really all about, it's for a music video I'm putting together for the Hood Internet. They're pretty sweet DJs who produce some awesome mash up tunes. Check them out on the website link bellow.

The video is for the song "I Don't Break You Down", it's a party scene where a girl goes to hook up with a guy in another room, but ends up releasing the demonic creature inside her... I'm sure you've all been there.

Anyway we need to raise 350 dollars by November 13th in order to get this done, so any bit of change you have lying around helps... If you secretly hate me and don't want to partake then think about what an insult it would be if you sent me 25 cents, hmmm? passive aggressive vendetta for the win??

Send me a comment with how much you wish to donate and we'll work out how you can send it.

Thanks a million,