Mom's Of Lindale Swap~N~Shop


1. Please post LOCATION on your posts- gas is expensive and this allows people to know immediately where you are located and if it is worth driving for an item.
2. Please post the CONDITION of the item you are selling, making note of any imperfections, stains, missing pieces, broken pieces, etc. Rule of thumb is to be up-front and HONEST.
3. CLAIMING ITEMS: as a SELLER, please answer any questions from interested party. If someone says they are interested and has questions, it is courteous to give precedence to that person, pending answers. As a BUYER, please be considerate to the seller (as well as other members) and don't expect to ask the seller to hold the item for an extended period of time. If you have to ask hubby (which most of us do…lol) please do not expect the seller to wait forever on your response.
4. TAGGING- the customary way we have done this, is that the SELLER can tag someone and it is at the discretion of that seller as to how long they want to wait for a response from the tagged person. If a BUYER tags someone on an item, recently it has gone to the protocol of not holding that item for the tagged person, mainly because they may or may not be interested in the item.
5. SELLERS- since this board moves extremely quick, once someone has claimed your item, please PM them the information for pick-up. I have found it extremely helpful to put re: certain item $certain price and then the pick up location…as many people go on a hunt spree and claim many things and are not sure who the seller was for each item. Someone also suggested putting a link on your PM for your item..that is a great idea, but you can only do that on a computer I think. BUYERS- please PICK UP items when you say you will. It is understandable that LIFE will happen and you might not be able to pick up when you state you will, but please be considerate and contact the seller with the time you will attempt to pick up again.
6. PRICES- please remember that this is not EBAY, so we are not a bidding site. If you ask a particular amount for an item, and someone commits to buying that item at your asking price…..please do not decide to back out of that committed sale because someone offers you more money! If you list an item and say “make offer” that is different……but please respect others and don’t do something that you would not appreciate someone doing to you. I understand that everyone is here to make money, but a recent incident of this happening was very upsetting to several members who notified me. If you want to do things like this, there are many other sites that you can do it on! There are many moms on this site that can only purchase things are certain prices and don’t have extra money to offer up because someone has something they let’s be fair.

7. BUMP-Your item is Allowed ONLY 5 Bumps. After 5 Bumps PLEASE Delete!!

It is appreciated that we are growing so much, but with growth inevitable issues will occur. We hope that this helps some.