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about the owner(father) of the GROUP TRD & THE TRD STUDIOS SOME OF U KNO HIM AS THE CHINA
the easy version
& well the long version in his words

i worked with artist Like Don Kretmar & jerry friedman Made records with Mc shan played keys on his other songs & on kenny vance of (jay & the americans) music, I wrote songs for lady miss kier & arranged songs for her but yea i was Born into a famous tranidadian family of musicians I was the Prodigy .. I was playing guitar in trinidad & an instrument called the Quattro (known mostly in veneuela) for Parang music & was talking piano exams at 5 years old I was taught by his Aunt the fundamentals of music & when I got older my uncle was then teaching me Progressions & some Jazz, I was living in nyc when I started singing on tec rock sounsd at about 14 & would sing in dance halls over reggae riddims I ACTUALLY did ove 2000 DUBPLATES 4 different sets.during school i was the school drummer & was in the jazz band ,at college i did music AGAIN ,yet i joined the navy THAT SUCKED when I came out the navy I was back on his Piano this time writting songs I was then featured in many music videos & songs with ppl like Mc shan & would do songs for producers in places Like JapanI went 2 CENTER FOR MEDIA ARTS an RECORDING ENGINEERing SCHOOL & graduated at the top of the class,not wanting 2 be a gopher or inturn in nyc started creating bands in hope to get gigs. I then had a son. Google Him LI CRISE. he was Born in florida.
I was producing for STRESS RECORDS in miami under Kenny Lurry. after getting hooked up by LUKE"S ex wife. I then lived in england where I hosted a Pirate radio show & started Many bands & promoted many Clubs when I came back to nyc I raised my son & also was front man for my band 7th vail the next years were spent raising my son.
I currently own a studio in Brooklyn with My son where we produce artist & our selves THE REST or i should say the real details will be in a film by a great Documentarian Paul Gallasch that is still being edited