Marijuana Music N Media

To everyone we've accepted here:

This OPEN group was created for sharing and discussing MARIJUANA MUSIC N MEDIA!

Welcome from the group founder, josh cannabis sativa™.

This is primarily a place for sharing music, videos, pictures, images, and news media related to marijuana in any way possible. Dispensary listings and hemp product advertising for legitimate businesses are also welcome, but posting about selling marijuana through text or email contact is not because I'm not going to prison for aiding and abetting your felonies!

Feel free to post ANYTHING related to MARIJUANA in SOME WAY. You may also feel free to post anything related to the stoner culture, or your favorite music 'n videos. If your post to the group is anything likely to be offensive to others, it will be removed; repeat offenders of offensive material banned. This basically means nothing sexually explicit, and nothing racist. Basically, POST EVERYTHING POT-RELATED, and keep the PEACE!

Remember, I hate censorship myself, but we have to play by Facebook's rules, and I want to keep this open to view of the public. I'm really not offended by much at all, but just keep in mind that this is an open group, and others may be.

Thanks for being here, and feel free to add your pro-cannabis friends!